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What Has Contributed for the Increasing Popularity of Uncut Diamonds?


A majority of diamond buyers look for polished and cut diamonds. However, of late, uncut diamonds (also called rough or raw diamonds) have also started to gain popularity. Uncut diamonds are nothing but the same precious stone without being polished or shaped into any specific form by a professional cutter. In the recent past, uncut diamonds are gaining more popularity among the fashion industry trendsetters, for their wild beauty. Even when being in a shapeless and unpolished form, what makes these stones popular? Read on to find out what contributed to the popularity of uncut diamonds.

Lesser Cost than Cut and Polished Diamonds

The cost factor is the most important aspect that makes the rough diamonds popular. For jewellers, the wholesale cost of such stones is much below that of polished and cut gems and eventually their profit margin is quite higher.

Few customers are even ready to pay several thousands of dollars for this form of diamonds, thanks to the cost factor. However, the cost of these raw gemstones varies depending on the specific attributes they have and their worth depends on their colour, clarity and carat. Besides, it also depends on factors like market trends and consumer preference.

Physical Properties

The superlative physical properties of these raw gems are what add to their increasing value. Their thermal conductivity and hardness make them very much suitable for use in industries and these properties evolve from their robust covalent bonding between the atoms.  Industries purchase these diamonds in bulk for cutting, drilling, polishing and grinding procedures.

Subtlety and Exclusivity

Industry watchers state that there’s a subset of customers who desirably ask for these rough gemstones, which are subtle as well as exclusive to convey their status only to those in the know. The uncut diamonds tap into the present popularity of all natural things in the fashion world.  Few shoppers are ready to pay high for jewels that look unusual and when uncut diamonds are embedded with smaller polished gems they add an extra sparkle and contrast, making them unique. Such jewels present a gorgeous contrast of texture, shapes and shades.

There’s no doubt that there’s a significant magic in the rough stones, which are untouched in their natural form. Uncut diamonds, which appear more like gravel than rough stones, promise to do even more better sales in the coming years due to their increasing popularity.

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